You help Rp. 1.000.000, - then you will be assisted USD per week. 400,000 for 5 weeks.

About Us


We use a system of One Fly On Board. No Next Board. You can DP and WD repeatedly. There are 10 options DP


We have a good system robustness. So that communication can be a long life. The system greatly already, Fair and 100% Profit. !


1. Buy tickets for registration to the upline or stockist. 1 Ticket price RM. 150.000, - INCLUDING INITIAL DP
2. Then Upline will register your account using the balance ticket
3. Taipkan teks atau alamat tapak web atau terjemahkan dokumen. Next, please login to the member area. Click Start your DP DP number, eg USD. 500,000
4. Contact your first beneficiaries. Immediately initiate a transfer to the account beneficiary.
5. Confirm your transfer and WD contacts to ensure your DP has been received and diapprove
6. Once approved, you will get as much as 5x WD. You can see the table below
7. Once you get your WD WD number of values, you can perform with minimal DP DP back in accordance with your initial DP

DP Amount
WD Amount
WD Every:
Auto DP at:
Rp. 150,000 Rp. 275,000 2 days 55,000 55,000 55,000 55,000 55,000 3 GH


All forms of transactions that occur in GAJIANBERSAMA is a pure form of assistance provided by the Aid to the Beneficiaries with without expecting any rewards. This system is the Community Social system. Is not a Business Website and the like. Make sure you give funds to other participants is a fresh fund or funds free you. Do not use a variety of ways to get help in this community.

Our Stockist

To purchase tickets, please contact our stockists below:

Anton (0878 1234 5678)
Budi (0878 1234 5678)
Dika (0856 1234 5678)